Configure custom DLP policies that intelligently monitors data sharing behavior of students, faculty, and staff and automatically enforce workflows to stop data theft and data leaks from school-provided G Suite and Office 365.

DLP feature is a part of SysCloud’s comprehensive student safety monitoring suite designed to help schools and institutions proactively protect their students, faculty, and staff.


Why should your school consider implementing a DLP solution?

Secure confidential data

Schools need to secure and track usage of confidential data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, grades or phone numbers.

Malicious or deliberate theft of confidential data can result in costly litigation or pose serious life-threats.

Accidental or deliberate disclosure of sensitive or confidential data can not only result in compliance violations but also negatively impact the school’s reputation.

Out-of-the-box DLP alerts offered by G Suite and Office 365 create a lot of false alerts that dramatically reduces the possibility of detecting real data theft.

False alerts

How does SysCloud’s DLP policy protect your sensitive data?


Automated policies

SysCloud offers ready to use DLP policy templates which allow customers to customize the scope of policy enforcement, violation or types of violations, and remedial steps to be taken when violations are detected.

Intelligent detection

SysCloud DLP solution not only flags the presence of sensitive content in shared documents, chats, emails or sites but also tags the risk levels based on the context. Violations categorized as high-risk are almost always critical.


Manage policy violations

Monitor incidents of users sharing sensitive information and take necessary actions to revoke sharing permissions, quarantine files, encrypt data, transfer ownership, or send alerts to specific individuals.

Generate in-depth reports

Get comprehensive reports to gain visibility into how data is shared within and outside your domain, data sharing behavior based on users and app types along with insights on sensitive data being exported.


Protect students, faculty, and staff with SysCloud

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