Get a 360-degree view of user activities in a single report to understand the risks and the potential threats associated with users.

The Digital Citizenship feature is a part of SysCloud’s comprehensive student safety monitoring suite designed to help schools and institutions proactively protect their students, faculty, and staff.

How does monitoring digital citizenship help secure your school or institution?

Recognize the risk profile of users

Understand the risk profile of every user on school-provided G Suite or Office 365 to proactively intervene and take remedial actions.

Understanding the risk profile of every user
Track policy violation for all users

Track every policy violation for all users

Use policy violations alert as triggers for creating training programs and delivering individual feedback to promote a safer usage of online resources.

Pinpoint harmful and aggressive behavior of every user

Track incidents of cyberbullying and violence engaged by users and alert relevant staff for corrective action.

Pinpoint harmful and aggressive behavior of users
Track complete browsing history & third-party app installation

Track complete browsing history and third-party app installation

Offer counseling for users with a high-risk profile and acknowledge good behavior.

Protect students, faculty, and staff with SysCloud

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