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Frequently asked questions

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Monitoring online content allows schools or institutions to proactively identify critical threats such as cyberbullying, violence, life threats, objectionable content that can cause significant mental/physical harm to students, faculty, and staff.

SysCloud offers a solution that gives schools critical insights and alerts to intervene quickly and take remedial measures to save lives and safeguard the reputation of the institution.

SysCloud can monitor the following applications:

  • G Suite: Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts, and Google Sites
  • Office 365: OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint, Calendar, and Contacts (People)
  • Chrome browser or Chromebook

No, SysCloud does not monitor school management systems or learning management systems.

SysCloud doesn’t store any data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on any of its server infrastructure. However, metadata related to app performance and crash reports are stored by SysCloud to analyze application performance and for feature improvements.

SysCloud is compliant with various privacy laws such as FERPA, SOPIPA, and COPPA to name a few. This ensures data privacy for all its customers. You can read our privacy policy here.

No, SysCloud shares threat alerts only with the individuals designated by the school’s IT administrators when configuring our software. School IT administrator(s) can modify the list of recipients any time.

SysCloud offers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade monitoring solution for student safety alerts. SysCloud leverages a combination of machine learning and threat analysis by a team of experts comprising data scientists and psychologists to minimize false alerts and escalate imminent threats. SysCloud is the only student safety monitoring tool that bundles compliance monitoring for FERPA, CIPA, HIPAA, PCI, application firewall, and web monitoring features at no additional cost!

Customers can cancel SysCloud subscription anytime if SysCloud fails to fulfill any of its obligations as mentioned in the terms of service, service level agreement, and any contract that SysCloud may sign with a customer. If SysCloud is unable to fix any issues within a mutually agreed timeframe, SysCloud will provide a refund for the remaining service period.

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